Budget Corn Cob & Vegetable Saw

Sometimes you just want a simple saw. This has less metal parts and less features. It will work, just not as well as our iNTELLIPRO SAW

Product Description

For our new unit, please check out our all-new iNTELLIPRO™ SAW

This machine top and tail / stalk cuts sweet corn cobs, even when they are green (still in their husk). Cobs are orientated on a cardanic chain conveyor with a laser alignment guide per lane by either operators or robots. Precut products travel through a two (cobs) or three (cobettes) bank of saw blades to the required width. Waste is discharged down, and can be outfitted with a waste conveyor to remove automatically. Finished cobs or cobettes are immediately ready to be transferred to the next phase of your process, such as into the fresh market husking system. 

These saws can also be used to cut other vegetables such as carrots, celery, peppers and zucchini.

Single Lane:
Up to 2 operators
Up to 40 pieces / minute per operator

Dual Lane:
Up to 4 operators
Up to 40 pieces / minute per operator
Robotics: Up to 300 pieces / minute

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