PXGBS Green Bean Snipper Series

Our bean snippers work well on green beans, snap beans, wax beans and similar.

Product Description

Our green bean snippers work on fresh-cut, frozen or shelf-stable green beans, snap beans and/or wax beans. The snippers cleanly top and tail the ends of the beans while leaving desired product intact. Our unique system creates beautiful, clean cuts while mitigating utilization losses. In higher capacity lines, this is often the 4th step.

Bean Snipper Process

A drum equipped is fitted with pockets (wavy or straight) for the bean ends. As the drum rotates and product progresses, beans are routed into the pockets. Rows of knives (up to 8, depending on capacity) clip the protruding end. As the beans move, both ends are eventually clipped.

Fresh Market Configuration

One common issue with using most other snippers in the market is that they were made for frozen and canned processors. Those units result in far too much damage and waste when thrown onto a fresh-cut or fresh market bean line.

Not the case with ours.

Our fresh market snipper configuration utilizes our own specific drum design and discharge method. This is unique to ProEx Food snippers, and drastically reduces bruising, snapping and other undesirable damage to the product. You waste less, increase utilization of your raw product, delight your customers, and optimize your profitability.

High-Capacity Configuration

Higher capacity snippers typically utilize an increase in the drum dimensions itself.  When this is the only modification, which is all-too-common, damage happens… a lot of damage happens… far too much damage happens.

That’s why our novel design uses our cloud infeed staging system.  This system helps you increase throughput from a single machine without the damage of others in the market. This system mitigates tumble damage of individual beans as they run through the snipper.

You get high capacity and higher yields.

Configuration Options

What we mentioned above, and on our capacity tab are for the most common needs of you, the processor. But, we know that your needs are often unique. So, let our team know more about your incoming raw product and your line. Our team has decades of experience designing lines, configuring equipment and integrating it on innovative, elegant lines.

Let’s talk about you and your needs, we will take it from there.


Typical Capacity Per Unit in TPHTypical Efficiency Rate %
Small Snipper0.81.095%99%
Medium Snipper1.21.595%99%
Large Snipper2.02.590%98%

Capacities can vary by product hygiene, growing conditions, output styles and other factors.

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