PXBSBC Series Blancher – Spray Belt System with Water Cooling

This popular model can be used for many vegetables. Separate hot and cold water is applied to the product as it moves through the system.

Product Description

This popular model is our most requested.  It is our most recommended blancher solution, mainly because of how many different vegetables it will work with.

  • Separate hot and cold water is applied to the product as it moves through the system
  • Water evenly spreads product across the belt
  • Hot water / steam is sprayed onto the product, while advancing at the programmed belt speed
  • Next, cold water ceases the heating process and cools the blanched product
  • Controls enable you to set your own parameters for water temperatures, belt speed and water consumption
  • Blanching water is prepared in a mixing tank applying a combination of steam and cold water to achieve your recipe
  • Cooling temperatures are set by that of the water source

Our blanchers are designed and constructed with hygiene, ease of cleaning and ergonomics in mind. Primary material is 304 stainless steel, and plastic elements are used only where they make sense. Pieces that come into contact with the product are all built from food-grade materials.

The spraying blancher consists of the following main units:

• Product spreading assembly
• Modular belt with side walls type SG for transport
• Hot water spraying unit (sprayers, pumps, valves, nozzles etc.)
• Belt cleaning unit
• Infinite drive
• Heating system with the direct steam injection
• Water filtration unit on the conveyor belt
• Automatic citric acid solution dispensor
• Housing with ports for installation of extraction systems
• Control system with recording (process measurement and control)

• Maintenance platforms
• Rotating washing lance


UP to 5 tons per hour
 (for green peas in I class hardness, blanching time of 140 s Layer thickness 120 mm and blanching temperature of 95°C *2)
Up to 3.7 tons per hour
 (for green peas in II class hardness, blanching time of 190 s Layer thickness 120 mm and blanching temperature of 95°C *2)
Up to 3.5 tons per hour
(for diced carrot 10×10 mm)
 (and for green beans)
Other vegetables and capacites available – please let us know what you need
Power supply
3 x 400 VAC; 50 Hz
Installed power
approx. 11 kW
Water consumption
0.5-6m3/h for one tone of product at 3 bar pressure and fresh water temperature 6 ºC.
Fresh water connection
Connection flange DN65 – 2 ½”
Max. fresh water pressure 
Max. 3 bar
Steam pressure
6 bar
Operating width 
1016 mm
Max. product layer height
160 mm
Number of fresh water sprayers
2 x upper sprayers
Blanching time range
45-590 s
Blanching temperature
75-98 ºC
Infeed height
1925 mm
Discharge height
1040 mm
Machine dimensions
11460 x 2430 x 2365 mm
  • The device has an installed air-trapping system, on the entry of the product into a blanching zone
  • *1 When non-calibrated product is blanched, small sized vegetables will be over blanched
  • *2 The product specific weights in kg/massumed for calculations are: green peas – 750; cut green beans – 540, cauliflower – 390, broccoli – 340, Brussels sprout – 400
  • *3 The above capacity refers to typical green peas layer thickness of 100 – 120 mm. In the case of products having low weight by volume e.g. cauliflower or broccoli, the product layer at the end of the feeding location can be up to 200 mm, which doubles the machine theoretical capacity

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