Cluster Cutter & Pre-Snipper

Streamline your line. Spread out load to increase overall quality and efficiency for your green bean / snap bean line.

Product Description

Often the third step in a green bean / snap bean line, the cluster cutter & pre-snipper helps create efficiency in your line.

  • The Cluster Cutter separates remaining bean clusters
  • It also well as begins the snipping process to reduce load in the final snipping stage
  • 8 rows of knives
  • Capacity ranging approximately 6,000 to 8,000 pieces per hour
    • Depending on the quality of the incoming product and bean / sieve size.
    • If used after a gross cluster cutting process, it can maintain upwards of 95% de-clustering, 70% long stalk and stem reduction and 60% pre-snipping efficiencies
  • Assists with surge capacity

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