Fruit and vegetable peelers are needed in many processing operations. Fresh market / fresh cut, frozen and shelf stable products often need to have outer membranes removed, by customer spec.

We have several peeler options, from abrasive / brush peelers to knife peelers. Depending on your product, and your final output style, our team will recommend the right style or combination of styles what will properly peel your products.

For corn, please see our huskers and cutters.

Waste Less

Our peelers are designed to not only reduce food waste, but also the additional resources needed. We also don’t want to use any more water or electricity than is needed to perform the tasks.


Here are just a few of the peelers we offer.  Like many of our products, our engineers will talk to you about your raw products, crop conditions, capacities and output styles. From there, we will identify the right unit or combination of peelers and contact methods for your line.

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