PXRPM Roller Peeler

Our roller peeler (aka abrasive peeler or brush polisher) is optimized for root crops, and offers excellent water and waste consumption minimization technologies.

Product Description

The ProEx Food Roller Peeler (aka abrasive and/or brush peeler) offers continuous peeling for a wide range of root vegetables. These are often used as either a primary or single stage for:

  • Potatoes
  • Beets
  • Carrots
  • Kohlrabi
  • Celeriac / Celery Root

and similar root vegetables. This unit can be used in conjunction with a knife peeler.

Capacity needs dictate the number of rollers and kind or carborundum needed for your line.


A screw (auger) conveyor transports the product through cascading pairs of carborundum-coated rollers, arranged in a partial circle. The rollers perform an abrasive-style of peeling as product progresses to the discharge. Speeds of both the rollers and auger can be set to the proper RPM for your product and capacity.

The rollers can be operated dry, but are recommended to run with a minimal amount of water. Waste is discharged via a water-based extraction system.


Roller materials can be configured per your product and capacity. The base unit setup includes:

  • Long-lasting carborundum
  • Quick-change rollers

Brushes and other roller materials available upon request.


We highly recommend adding the water cleaning system to our vegetable brush peeler. This system can include a drum filter and screw press. This reduces overall water consumption, while also reducing waste and the cost to transport that waste.

These are Base Unit Capacities & Features. These can be modified per your capacities, products and needs. Our team always works with you to establish the proper configuration for your line.

  • Input up to:
    • 2,500 kg/hr
    • 5,500 lbs/hr
  • Rollers
    • Long-lasting carborundum
    • Quick-change rollers
  • Water Consumption
    • Can peel wet or dry
    • Waste uses min water
  • Operation
    • Continuous capable
    • Variable roller speed
    • Variable conveyor speed
  • Stainless Construction

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