PXKPM Knife Peeler

A knife peeler can give you a different aesthetic, mitigate peel powder waste, and reduce overall product reduction.

Product Description

The ProEx Food Knife Peeler offers continuous second-stage peeling, often for root vegetables that have already passed through a thorough wash cycle and / or have been pre-peeled by a roller / abrasive / brush or a steam peeler.

In some configurations, especially for fresh market, the end product appears to have been more “hand peeled”. This style of peeling enables your to mitigate waste and maximize yield / utilization.

The vegetable knife peeler can be used for potatoes, beets, celery root and more.

Appealing Visual Aesthetic

Knife peelers don’t create the the “powder” residue of abrasive peelers. This means the white discoloration will not occur on any products. This helps consumers view the product as fresh, and not past the prime time to purchase.  Additionally, this process doesn’t require as much waste treatment.  Waste solids from this type of process are solid chunks, and don’t require additional separation, nor use of a settling pond.


A screw (auger) conveyor transports the product through a horizontal, rotating drum. The drum is equipped with inward facing knives affixed to changeout panels. Speeds of both the drum and auger can be set to the proper RPM for your product and capacity.

The peeling waste is separated from the peeled product and sent through a discharge chute. This can be integrated with a waste pump, or channeled to a waste conveyor or collection box.

Knives can be customized to handle both pre-peeled and non-peeled input product. Separating to a pre-peeling process will increase your capacity and reduce unnecessary wear and tear on the unit.

Quick-Change Panels

The ProEx Food Knife Peeler comes standard with our innovative quick-change panels. Each one can be easily removed and replaced in minutes, unlike many others in the market. Reduce your downtime with peelers made with your daily operation in mind.

This list if for Base Unit Capacity. Depending on your product and capacity needs, modifications may be available. 

  • Base unit capacity
    • 2,500 kg/hr
    • 5,500 lbs/hr
  • Knives
    • Quick-change panels
    • Exterior access
  • Water Consumption
    • Can peel wet or dry
    • Integrated cleaning system
    • Waste pump option
  • Operation
    • Continuous capable
    • Variable drum speed
    • Variable conveyor speed
  • Waste Chute

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