Corn Cutter Knives

Sharp, properly shaped and hardened to recover as much kernel as possible.

Product Description

Proper shape and angle of your cutter knives are critical to ensure that your corn cutter is recovering at many usable kernels as possible. You want to use proven knives that are deployed in many plants around the world. That’s where we come in. We sell knives in sets of 6 connected blades, ready to swap on on your machine.

PROEX FOOD offers #2 and #3 style cutter knives. That means we cover all kinds of OEM units with reliable, quality parts.

Special orders and volume discounts may be available, let’s discuss your needs.


Sharpening is not the easiest thing to do. Some machines try to do this, and some machine shops claim they can. But, getting the right curvature, angle and other important elements correct can be difficult. Plus, you need an absolute minimum of 3/4″ (19mm) of remaining blade after sharpening to be effective.

So, we’re ready to ship you new, sharp, properly shaped units.