Sweet Corn Kernel Cutter

Our sweet corn kernel cutter is perfect for your frozen and shelf-stable (canned / jarred) sweet corn applications.

Product Description


The PROEX FOOD Sweet Corn Cutter is a fast and efficient way of cutting sweet corn kernels from the cob.


The system can either be hand-fed, or fed through the use of a distribution and orientation system. The Cutter conveyor brings the ear to the infeed where it is gripped by rubber rolls with pins that feed the ear into the cutter knives while gaging and adjusting the knife opening to the correct diameter for each ear. The cutting head rotates at a constant speed and as the ear moves through it removes the kernels which drop through a port for further processing. The cob is then ejected out the discharge end of the cutter for disposal. Unlike some others, we primarily use a #3 head which adjusts to each cob, and is much less likely to jam – especially if a cob enters the system shank-end first.


The PROEX FOOD Corn Cutter is designed to cut up to 2 tph of already husked corn. The system is available with either #2 or #3 cutting heads per the customer’s specification. The system self clears any jams via an automatic reverse system that senses the jam and reverses the infeed belt to clear it. Lift off covers easily expose inner mechanisms for efficient maintenance, inspection and cleanup.


Length overall (with feed trough)


1270 mm

Width overall


990 mm

Height overall


1575 mm

Height of kernel discharge


889 mm

Height of cob discharge from base


1067 mm

Hydraulic dive motor

1.5 Hp

1.13 W

Cutter drive motor

1.5 Hp

1.13 W


617 lbs

280 kg

Hydraulic oil

9 gals

34 L

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