Hydroponic Raft FB Cleaner

After harvesting and first stage removal, and prior to water cleaning, help remove remaining dirt and debris for efficient operation and an extra level of hygiene

Product Description

It’s a dirty job, and luckily you don’t have to do it – because we have the right machine to automate this task!

The PROEX FOOD Hydroponic Raft FB Cleaner is a specifically designed for post-harvest hydroponic raft cleaning. In this step, the tray is inverted and then mechanically thumped. This helps remove any dirt, root base of other debris from the raft.


You get two benefits from this raft cleaner.

First, the dirt and debris and be recovered for reuse, composting, or other processes.

Second, by removing that dirt and debris earlier, and in a more dry process, the hydroponic raft washer will be much more efficient.