PXCDS Clean Dry System

Water off, dry product into packaging.  No wilting.

Product Description

Thorough Leafy Green Drying

Our proprietary clean dry system was designed for the increasingly important need to properly dry leafy greens prior to packaging. This system uses a cool air stream and additional flow options to remove moisture without wilting the product. This unit works very well in high-humidity processing rooms.

Water out, waste down, profits up.

Drying Process

  • A slotted shaker conveyor travels through a tunnel
  • Fans mounted above the tunnel create air flow over and through the product
  • Water is blown off the product and trough both the sides of the tunnel and through the slots
  • A shaker underneath catches product while further removing water
  • A collection chute gathers the

Suction Option

Our suction add-on systems creates a vacuum under the shaker to remove additional water from the underside of the product on the shaker conveyor.


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Base construction is a dewatering shaker conveyor with blower fans to reduce surface water.

• Vibrating trough
• Supporting structure
• Bottom vibrating mass
• Screen deck (first spreading sieve and three slotted sieves)
• Waste chute system
• Drive system based on two vibration motors
• Leaf springs
• Drying fan
• Control and adjustment system of the machine operating parameters

All equipment is made of 304SS (except for pumps, motors, fans and control cabinets).

All construction meets UE standards and facilitate to maintain high production hygiene standards and high ergonomics.
Equipment will have closed profiles for easy cleaning of the entire construction.

Infeed and discharge heights and lengths are customizable.