Cluster Buster System for IQF/Frozen Food Processing and Packaging

Product Description

Elevate your frozen food processing and packaging operations with our Cluster Busters. We offer both standalone machines, plus options for up to three integrated stages. This versatile system is designed to tackle clusters and unwieldy chunks, transforming them into precisely sized pieces that seamlessly integrate with weigh cells, multihead weighers, and other packaging equipment. Plus, explore the optional block breaker and grading conveyor integrations to make your line even more efficient and hygienic.

Key Features

  1. Cluster Breaking Precision: The Cluster Buster module is engineered to expertly break down clusters (aka chunks) into more uniform-sized and manageable pieces, ensuring a consistent product flow through your packaging equipment. Say goodbye to bottlenecks and overfilled weigh cells and hello to smooth and efficient operations. The size of the rolls and shafts, their profiles / contact points and distances are all set specific to your product.
  2. Optional Block Breaker Integration: Enhance safety and hygiene in your production process with the optional integration of our Block Breaker. Our block breaker uses a more modern method that performs an integrated first stage busting effort. This design helps to protect your workers from potential injuries while maintaining impeccable cleanliness standards.
  3. Optional Grading Conveyor Integration: Customizable and changeable screens are installed per your unique (and product dependent) specifications. As product travels over screens, your output grades / sizes are created. You chose what is usable and what is not, and what do do with the product next. Take one more manual step out of the equation.
  4. Safety and Hygiene First: Unlike traditional methods that involve inserting blades, drills, or spikes into frozen blocks or resorting to manual tools like hammers, our block breaker offers a safer and more hygienic approach. You greatly diminish foreign material or even bacterial product risks while improving employee safety.
  5. Versatile Integration: Seamlessly incorporate the standalone Cluster Buster or the complete system into your existing processing and packaging line. Its relatively compact design allows for easy integration, reducing downtime and optimizing production efficiency.
  6. Precise Sizing for Weigh Cells and Packaging Equipment: Achieve superior accuracy in your packaging process by ensuring that product pieces are consistently sized. The Cluster Buster system guarantees that your weigh cells and packaging equipment operate with precision, resulting in high-quality, uniform packaging.
  7. Enhanced Product Presentation: Bid farewell to unevenly packaged products. Our system ensures that each piece meets the desired size specifications, enhancing the overall quality and presentation of your packaged goods.

Don’t let clusters and chunks slow you down. With the PROEX FOOD Cluster Buster System, you can streamline your frozen food processing and packaging, improve safety, and boost productivity. Experience a new level of efficiency and precision in your frozen food production today!

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