PXSBC Series Blancher – Screw Trough with Cooling

Our screw blancher series is optimized for more robust / hearty products.

Product Description

Our screw blancher series is optimized for more robust / hearty products.

  • After infeed, product progresses through the blanching screw trough where the spiral blade creates separate chambers
  • An extraction conveyor transitions the product from blanching to a circulated cold bath that cools the product
  • This process ensures the most accurate heating and cooling treatment for the product
  • Controls set the screw blade and conveyor speeds, as well as the water temperatures and circulation parameters and allows for separate blanching and cooling times / speeds

Our blanchers are designed and constructed with hygiene, ease of cleaning and ergonomics in mind. Primary material is 304 stainless steel, and plastic elements are used only where they make sense. Pieces that come into contact with the product are all built from food-grade materials.

The main subassemblies of the machine are:
• Support frame
• Blanching baths / tanks
• Belt conveyors
• Steam heating system
• Water circulating pumps
• Chemical additive dispenser
• Drain valves and process overflows
• Process water cleaning system
• Screw trough
• Removable maintenance covers
• Electric drives
• Control system
• Fixed housings and safety guards


Capacity Up to 2 t/h
product dependent
Length 14 200 mm
Width 2 000 mm
Height 2 500 mm
Infeed height 1 850 mm
Discharge height 1 500 mm
Blanching time 10 – 25 min.
Blanching temperature 75 – 95oC
Steam pressure min. 0.5 MPa
Power supply 400 V, 50 Hz
Installed power approx. 8 kW
Blanching temperature 95oC
Steam pressure 0.6 MPa
Power supply 400 V, 50 Hz
Nominal power 9.75 kW
Weight 5 350 kg

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