Hydroponic Raft Harvester

Maximum product recovery and unit uptime with less damage. It’s the best hydroponic harvester for modern leafy green growers and processors.

Product Description

There is a not-so-subtle art to designing a hydroponic harvester made to handle raft cuts that helps to optimize recovery while mitigating damage to the product or raft. The next level involves ensuring clean cuts while mitigating heat /wilting of the product.

PROEX FOOD engineers considered all of this when designing our new hydroponic raft harvester. We worked with hydroponic facility experts and growers to identify what needed to be improved on other units in the market, and refined them in ours.

We also incorporated easy-to-use cutting height controls for quick, tool-less on-the-fly adjustments.

This harvester was primarily designed for use with hydroponic rafts, and can be modified for use with other growing tray configurations.

Incorporated First-Stage Tray Cleaning

The first stage of hydroponic raft cleaning occurs in the same unit, right after cutting. Here, the top-side organic mass left after harvesting goes through a process to remove a large amount of the remaining material. This helps streamline waste removal and simplifies the overall process flow.  And yes, we do have both a second-stage and third-stage raft cleaner that complement this perfectly.

Component Availability

PROEX FOOD designed our raft harvester to work with applicable components. That means that for US customer builds, they are imperial sized and readily available.


The frame of our hydroponic raft harvester is stainless, and we have maximized visibility and safe access to the applicable parts of the unit.