We are the global leaders in fresh-cut, tray packed sweet corn packing lines.

The ProEx Food Fresh Market Sweet Corn Processing Line creates picture-perfect, fresh-cut cob trays that your retail partners want to display on their fresh produce shelves.

The fresh line is also the base for our vacuum packed line, popular in Europe.  

Our solutions allow for various automation levels, including complete robotic solutions.

Whether your are scaling and improving your fresh corn production, or moving from growing into this space, we have attainable solutions for you. Most lines have paybacks within two years, and have multiple technology packages to suit your needs. 


Capacity on a fresh cob line is typically based on the capacity of your huser(s) and cob saw(s) and scale as you do. 

Entry Level
200 Ears per Minute
300 Ears per Minute
High Capacity
500+ Ears per Minute

Standard Line

This is where your line starts. Commonly at 120 or 240 ears per minute. 

We work with you to develop what you need now. We also help you determine what an incremental scale and enhancement plan should be.

Some of the enhancement options available are listed in Enhancement Options.

Vibrating infeed hopper to spread out and streamline your processes

Single-Lane, Dual-Lane or more, depending on your capacity and growth projections. Unlike some other options in the market, ours is a true “green ear” saw when integrated on a fresh line. 

In this format, the top and tail are cut down prior to husking. This helps maintain both aesthetic and flavor of the cobs. Additionally, our cob saws are designed to handle the waste that comes with this optimal configuration. This makes a significant difference in your ongoing operational efficiency.

Ask us about our robotic cob saw loading options.

4, 8, 12 & 16 lane options. We are the market leader in fresh corn. Part of that is due to our huskers. These long-lasting, efficient machines are best-in-class.

The orientation, product touchpoints, bed and roller configuration, air system and discharge are set specific to your product, output style, capacity and more.

This helps ensure that your utilization is extremely high, while mitigating damage and improving product yield quality.

No one knows fresh market huskers better than ProEx Food. No one.

In any level of automation for a tray packed line, you need an overwrapper. We work with you to provide and integrate the right unit for you as part of our turnkey line packages.

Already have one?  Excellent – tell us about it, and we will let you know if we can use it. 

Don’t go without it. It’s not worth the risk to the end consumers, your buyers or your operation. 

These units are more attainable than ever – put one in.

Standard unit to streamline the packing operations.

Integrated, single point controls that manage your whole line. Simple HMI touchscreens and emergency stop buttons.

Ask about enhancement options, such as:

  • Remote accessibility
  • Sensors & extra traceability monitoring
  • Integration with your ERP
  • and more

Wide range of options, all with high-quality, long-lasting builds. This includes waste management and re-cycling systems. The goal is to output efficiently and continuously. 

These options are always customized to your needs. 

Enhancement Options

From scanning to robotics, we have enhancements that will further automate and optimize your line.

Often, the paybacks are faster than you may think.

ProEx Food Engineers create custom lines, made specifically for your needs

ProEx Food engineers will perfect the design of your line to make sure your cobs or cobettes are handled gently and hygienically, giving you the highest yield prices. We will ensure your operation delivers high-quality product with high levels of throughput.

Our cob saw is also perfect for fresh market, allowing you to top & tail cut “green cobs” prior to husking. This ensures you output visually appealing product.

When you are ready to incorporate robotics, sensors and digital tracking into your line, our team knows how to integrate for you. 

Common Equipment

Here are some of the more common pieces that may be included on your fresh market sweet corn line. Once we understand your needs, capacities, budgets and timelines, we are ready to propose your optimized solution.

Our equipment and lines are designed to be hygienic and easy to access for maintenance needs.  We also have solutions for traceability and other sensor-driven capabilities.

Whether you manage a growing processing facility or are a grower transitioning into this world, we are here to provide the right solution for your needs. We also work commonly on multi-phase implementation and growth plans.