Single & Dual Lane Floretters

Our floretting machine is designed to deliver consistency and convenience and to reduce cross contamination.

The automation of floretting provides significant cost savings due to labor reduction and better efficiency.

Product Description

Our floretter automates what is traditionally an intense, manual process.

Depending on the product (broccoli or cauliflower), variable knife assemblies are configured for your floretter.

  • To optimize process speed, it is advisable to first remove all external leaves
  • The size of the final segments of cauliflower/broccoli depends on the depth to which the knives cut into the product
  • The same system determines the correct knife assembly required for each individual flower / head
  • Special construction of the conveyor belt allows the product to travel into the cutting chamber individually
  • Each segment of the conveyor consists of a “nest” in which each flower is placed manually
  • Sensors automatically detect size and applies the appropriate knife cut
  • Florettes are discharged either into a designated container or to a conveyor for further processing
  • The stems are dropped into a side chute where they are either collected in a container or removed by a conveyor

Dependent on crop conditions, head size and size of final cut

  • Single lane = 40 pieces per minute

     Dual lane = 90 pieces per minute

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