Efficient, Integrated Harvesting and Packing Lines for Leafy Greens

Leafy greens, lettuces, salads. If it grows in a hydroponic raft, PROEX FOOD can help you harvest, wash and pack it.

Efficient, hygienic solutions for not only the product, but your rafts and more.

PROEX FOOD builds our own harvesting, washing and drying equipment, and vibratory conveyors equipment in our leafy green lines/ distribution systems. We can also integrate additional technologies into our lines.

You get decades of combined experience in line design engineering, integration, commissioning and long-term aftersales parts and service support. 

PROEX FOOD is commercially releasing several new mechanical equipment upgrades, and have installs in 2023. Come back here soon to see the new processing and packing automation solutions that are now available for your operation.

Or, of course, contact us today to get your line design started. 

General Hydroponic Line

Every product and line is a little different. Here is a sample line design

A sample of a PROEX FOOD hydroponic leafy green line with product and raft washing

Conveyors / Distribution: PROEX FOOD Hydroponic Raft Conveyor(s)

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Harvesting Line: Hydroponic Raft Harvester

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Harvesting Line: Raft FB Pre-Cleaner

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Harvesting Line: Raft Washer / Dryer

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Harvesting Line: Raft Killstep

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Washing Line: Product Conveyor

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Washing Line: Product Bubble Washer / Fresh Water Rinse

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Washing Line: Product De-Watering Shaker

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Washing Line: Product Gentle-Flow Dryer

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There are many additional items we can integrate into your line. If you would prefer vibratory conveyors, our on-house vibratory conveyors and crosshead feeders work very well for leafy green lines. We also integrate all the way through primary packaging, case packing and palletizing. 

More energy efficient, easier to clean and better at spreading out product. Our vibratory solutions really help to move product more gently and more hygienically, with low electrical consumption.

Part of the PROEX FOOD Vibratory line. These units help convey and spread product just ahead of a multihead weigher. When lines using that packaging technology use our crosshead feeders, it better distributes. This improves capacity and throughput rates. It also helps reduce overfill to meet minimum weight requirements, as the load cells are better balanced.  

Weather you use a dry mixer, a multihead, different weigh cells, vertical baggers, clamshell fillers, or more, we integrate with it all. We are your one-stop-shop for integrated processing and packing lines from infeed through palletizing. 

There are many ways to get product into shippable cases, and new technologies are the way to go. Often a robotic solution, we integrate the proper end-of-tool / gripper for your packaging type and case type / size. 

You get fast, reliable, hygienic throughput. You also help mitigate repetitive motion injuries and can offset headcount overall.

The first place robotics were used for processors. Rather than injuring an employee that was already difficult to recruit and retain, use a robot. 

There are many solutions in this space, but only one provider that will integrate it into the entire line, starting and harvesting. 

These options are always customized to your needs. 


We design your line in-house, with our dedicated engineering department.

PROEX FOOD engineers will perfect the design of your line to make sure your product is handled gently and hygienically, giving you the highest utilization and yield prices. We will ensure your operation delivers high-quality product with high levels of throughput.

When you are ready to incorporate robotics, sensors and digital tracking into your line, our team knows how to integrate for you. 

Daniel Ghadiri - President & CTO - ProEx Food
Daniel Ghadiri

Co-Founder, President & CTO

As CTO, Daniel oversees our entire Engineering and Delivery operations.

Daniel ran our Germany office while earning his PhD there. His doctorate is in Mechanical Engineering with an Innovation Focus to go with his Masters in International Project Engineering and Bachelors in Industrial Engineering.

Mac Moore

Vibratory Systems & Project Engineering

Mac leads our Vibratory Conveyor design and delivery team, and also jumps in to help with processing and packing line designs and commissioning. 

Mac has spent over 10 years delivering vibratory systems to customers across the globe. He earned his UK-based education in Manufacturing Engineering.

Aaron Mett

Mechanical Design & Project Engineering

Aaron does a little bit of everything. He is deeply involved with our scanning, connected controls and robotics projects, and also helps with line design and commissioning.

Aaron has his degree in Mechanical Engineering from MSOE. He also has over a decade of fabrication and welding experience. 

Common Equipment

Here are some of the more common pieces that may be included on your line. This is just a small sample, as most lines are unique.  Don’t worry, our final solution will include the right mix of equipment and technology. We will find it for you.

Once we understand your needs, capacities, budgets and timelines, we are ready to design and propose your optimized solution.

Our equipment and lines are designed to be hygienic and easy to access for maintenance needs.  We also have solutions for traceability and other sensor-driven capabilities.