Gentle Flow Dryer

The PROEX FOOD GENTLE FLOW DRYER is the non-centrifuge, low damage, continuous operation dryer you want on your processing and packing line.

Product Description

The PROEX FOOD GENTLE FLOW DRYER is an innovative, flexible, low damage vegetable dryer. It is primarily designed as a leafy greens / lettuces / salads dryer, and also works well with many cruciferous leafy vegetables, brassicas (including broccoli and cauliflower) and green / snap beans.

One machine, many valuable uses.

This dryer system is one element of our turnkey line offerings for Hydroponic, Vertical or Field-Grown commodity processors. When integrated with a complete line, you get a fully optimized line ready to deliver high levels of throughput, recovery and safety while reducing your labor needs.

PROEX FOOD Engineers worked with processors, greenhouse builders and also hydroponic facility technologists to design and test the GENTLE FLOW DRYER. The results is a highly hygienic, continuously operating leafy vegetable dryer made to perform at a high level, with safety and ease of maintenance features that all operators and sanitation staff will appreciate.

Standard Features


Gentle Flow Design

Unlike centrifuge systems, this design applies a combination of vibration, treated and untreated air flow and very little physical force to the products. This system dries your product thoroughly while mitigating bends / folds and cellular damage.

3-Stage System

Three separate stages inside a single machine to minimize its footprint while performing at a high level.

Continuous Operation

Made for automated, integrated lines and require no labor, nor stops / starts, for normal operation.

Wide Capacity Range

Standard units are built for ½, 1 and 2 ton per hour lines. We can also discuss your needs for higher output operations.

Product Flexibility

The Gentle Flow Dryer not only works on Leafy Greens / Lettuces / Salads, but it also works on additional Cruciferous Vegetables, Brassicas (including broccoli and cauliflower) and Green / Snap Beans.

Hygienic Design

We engineered this unit to have few trap points, along with an open design that makes access and sanitation easy.

Maintenance Access

The open design also lends itself to maintenance. Staff are easily able to access inner workings for maintenance needs.

Component Availability

Drive components are readily available in global markets, including the US and Europe.

Standard Controls

Speed of belts and air flow can be easily adjusted.

Optional Features


Integrated Heat Sensors

When equipped, sensors in all stages in the dryer monitor ambient temperatures for adjustments.

Standalone HMI

Each dryer can be equipped with a standalone control panel with and HMI for monitoring and adjustments. Can also display heat readings at stages, when also equipped with those sensors.

Centralized Controls

When integrated with a complete processing and packing line, controls can be centralized. All equipped sensors and controls can be available at a single location for operation for a single staff member.


For fully integrated lines with centralized controls, we can equip your line with data collection, cloud storage, reports / KPIs / dashboards, analytics options, maintenance alerts, digital operator manual access, parts lists, remote collaboration options and more. This system brings you easily attainable Industry 4.0 functionality without a need to build out your own team to enable.

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