Bean Cluster Saber

Cut the clusters apart, not the beans. Efficient, hygienic design with high capacity for green bean, snap bean and wax bean pre-stage processing.

Product Description

Have you ever seen an old cluster buster with a spinning rod with spikes on it? Aggressively ripping into beans as they enter the process from a truck or bunker?  Shredding beans and breaking them all over?

This is not that… not at all…

The ProEx Food Bean Cluster Saber is made for green bean de-clustering. I also works on similar clustered beans, such as snap beans and wax beans.

Bean Cluster Saber Benefits

Recommended as the first step in your green bean processing line, The Bean Cluster Saber improves your downstream processing operation by performing two critical steps from one machine. The Bean Cluster Saber not only handles your first-pass cluster cutting, it also gently agitates and removes some debris coming in from the field and/or transit. That could be fragments, rocks or other undesirables.


  • Drum and contact points made from 304 stainless steel
  • Food-grade, hygienic design and welds
  • Easy access for cleaning and sanitation
  • Shearing saber for clusters
  • Large capacity drum
  • Single-point waste discharge under the machine
  • Automatic drum cleaning system with debris removal
  • Safety guards around operational elements
  • VFD controls for knife and drum speeds, separately
  • CE certified


  • Beans are fed into the infeed end of the drum
  • Multiple rows of specially-designed hooks gently rock and gather clusters
  • These bunches are brought up to the top-mounted saber
  • A shearing action cuts the clusters apart
  • The drum also acts as a reel for initial debris removal

This unit works best when integrated into a complete processing line, with single point controls.

  • Central control integration
  • Snipper, washer and additional line integration
  • Additional waste and debris disposal options