Product Description

Our standard de-watering shaker helps remove any excessive water remaining on your product after your washing process. This helps in all processing types, from frozen to fresh market to shelf-stable.

Removing water here, typically prior to either freezing or packing, helps maintain longevity of the product. Frozen goods will not be as stuck together, and will not have excess water weight. Fresh market will have reduced moisture, and lower the risk of premature spoilage. Shelf-stable will be immersed only in the desired solution.

Water out, quality up, happy buyers.


  • Product is fed into the unit and distributed over the slotted sieve / screen steel base
  • Product travels along the sieve / screen at a slight angle as the surface is vibrating
  • A ventilation fan applies airflow on the product to further assist the process
  • Water is shaken off, and collected for desired removal
  • Dried product exits the discharge


  • 304 ss base and frame
  • Vibration tank
  • Sieve / screen
  • Ventilation fan assembly
  • Water collection basin
  • Electronic shaking actuators
  • Spring suspension
  • Control Panel


The gaps are 3.00 mm (different gap sizes supplied upon request).

If this does not load in your browser, click here to view in a new tab.

If this does not load in your browser, click here to view in a new tab.


up to 3 t/h

Sieve / screen gap

default 3.00 mm


Operating width (overall)






Length of the working surface


Width of the working surface


In-feed height


Discharge height


Unit Weight

typically. 400 kg

Product Motion

Vibrating Assy. SW (2 pcs.)


400 V, 50 Hz


4,05 kW

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