Cobs, cobettes or cut kernels are packed in frozen or canned packages.

PROEX FOOD Processed Sweet Corn Lines and Equipment elevate your throughput through the next level of your lightly-processed corn applications.

Our husker lanes / capacities and roller beds are optimized by our engineers to meet your capacity, throughput and tolerance needs. Our kernel cutters are designed to reduce both jamming, a common issue for other solutions. Our typical cutter units also used a continuously variable head that is made to remove kernels, not part of them nor part of the cob core.

As your buyers become increasingly demanding about the appearance, texture and taste of the cobs and kernels they buy, we are ready to help you deliver.


We are able to handle 4 ton per hour lines, they simply are not common. Regardless of your capacity, our team works with you to develop your ideal line. Your space, crop conditions, outputs and more will go into developing the right solution for you.

Tier 1
8 - 10 Tons per Hour
Tier 2
12 - 14 Tons per Hour
High-Output Lines
16 - 18+ Tons per Hour

General Line Options

Variable depending on the the output(s) you handle and many more conditions.

Here are some of the more common pieces of a line, but yours will be different and very well may include a different mix of mechanical and digital technology.

It all starts when we talk, here are just a few options.

Question 1: Can you buy individual equipment only? Or do you only sell complete lines?

You can choose to have the machines delivered separately, ensuring separate shipments for each individual machine. Alternatively, if preferred, the machines can also be delivered as a complete line, packaged together as a cohesive and integrated system. Sometimes, we set you on a multi-year approach to upgrade as your business needs evolve.

The ultimate decision on the mode of delivery rests with you and can be tailored to suit your specific preferences and needs.

Question 2: What is your machinery made of?

The vast majority of our equipment is made of 304 stainless steel. This has become more common for equipment, even for processed and seed corn operations. Often, the cost is not much more, and plants benefit in the long term by having a higher quality metal. However, we can offer mild steel huskers, and have a few running now. For those units, product contact points are still usually stainless steel or other non-rusting materials. Certain components, such as husker rolls, are typically rubber.  Some transition chutes and others may vary. Belts for conveyors vary, and we do offer our stainless vibratory conveyors as well. PROEX FOOD machinery is built to last for decades. Be cautious here – we often find ourselves replacing equipment from other suppliers that fall apart after only a couple seasons. Buying from us in the first place is always your safest bet. 

Processed Sweet Corn Line example

Commonly to handle full truck loads you have being dumped for processing. Capable of your needs for unloading and large ranges of capacities.

Vibrating infeed hopper to spread out and streamline your processes

For processed lines, typically for top and tailed whole cobs or cobettes.

Our iNTELLIPRO™ SAW is the most robust and efficient saw in the world. Unlike some other options in the market, ours is a true “green ear” saw that can handle cuts prior to husking, if you prefer that method. 

In this format, the top and tail are cut down prior to husking. This helps maintain both aesthetic and flavor of the cobs. Additionally, our cob saws are designed to handle the waste that comes with this optimal configuration. This makes a significant difference in your ongoing operational efficiency.

Ready to integrate with iNTELLIPRO™ CONNECT.

Ask us about our robotic cob saw loading options.

These lines are often higher capacity. Knowing how to optimize the husker performance and product quality is key.

We know exactly how to do that for you.

8, 12 & 16 lane options. We know sweet corn.  These long-lasting, efficient machines are best-in-class, and the only ready to give you robust and efficient mechanical operation while providing data and insights to help you optimize your line.

The orientation, product touchpoints, bed and roller configurations and discharge are set specific to your product, output style, capacity and more.

This helps ensure that your utilization is extremely high, while mitigating damage and improving product yield quality.

This mechanical method ensures you are passing through complete cobs for further processing.

For some lines, we have options to utilize this by relocating to a separate line.

For frozen and shelf-stable kernel applications. 

We have both hand-fed and automatic kernel cutting systems. 

These cutters use a variable head that adjusts in real time to each cob coming through. This simplifies the orientation process.

It also ensures that you utilize more kernels from narrow cobs, and do not scalp the core on wider ones.

Don’t go for an over-engineered, complicated process here. We know this system is the most cost-efficient and reliable, with output performance that can’t be beat.

For frozen and/or shelf-stable lines. 

Remove items that are not a complete kernel from the rest of the output. Pass through according to your specifications. 

Some operators like to add a wash after processing, for either cobs to be frozen or kernels. 

Typically a floatation washer system, a water bath helps clean up your product.

Belt and Immersion options.

Often for frozen and vacuum lines, operators look at add this step.  It could be to only lightly heat and cool kernels. For vacuum-packed, could be to heat a bit more. 

Let us know what you are processing, our engineers will advise on the best way to reach our output and product goals. 

For frozen lines.

We will integrate with the right IQF/freezer to suit your needs.

For complete lines, we will source and install this as part of the package. 

Bags, cartons, octobins, vacuum bagged and / or canning lines. No matter what output(s) you are producing, we will integrate with the right packaging equipment for your line.

We work with several global manufacturers for this equipment.,

Don’t go without it. It’s not worth the risk to the end consumers, your buyers or your operation. 

These units are more attainable than ever – put one in.

We will integrate these functions and technologies for you, as well.  

Box erecting, case filling, scanning, labeling.  We do it all. 

We also have robotic options to fully automate these processes. 

Integrated, single point controls that manage your whole line. Simple HMI touchscreens and emergency stop buttons.

Ask about enhancement options, such as:

  • Remote accessibility
  • Sensors & extra traceability monitoring
  • Integration with your ERP
  • and more

Wide range of options, all with high-quality, long-lasting builds. 

These options are always customized to your needs. 

Enhancement Options

From scanning to robotics, we have enhancements that will further automate and optimize your line. Often, the paybacks are faster than you may think.







ProEx Food Engineers create custom lines, made specifically for your needs

ProEx Food engineers know sweet corn in all of its forms. 

  • We cover all output types
    • Frozen
    • Vacuum-Packed
    • Shelf-Stable
  • Our fully integrated lines include the right combination of:
    • Huskers and beds
    • Saws
    • Cutters
    • Waste Removal
    • Cooking and Cooling
    • IQF / Freezers
    • Packaging
    • Sterilization
  • And use the right new technologies
    • HMI controls
    • Sensors
    • Robotics
Common Equipment

Here are some of the more common pieces that may be included on your lightly processed sweet corn line. 

Remember, we can deliver these independently, as a fully-integrated line, or incrementally. The choice is yours! Once we understand your needs, capacities, budgets and timelines, we are ready to propose your optimized solution.Once we understand your needs, capacities, budgets and timelines, we are ready to propose your optimized solution.

Our equipment and lines are designed to be hygienic and easy to access for maintenance needs.  We also have solutions for traceability and other sensor-driven capabilities.

Our lightly processed sweet corn line proposal may include technology upgrades for scanning / metal detection and more. You end up with ideal cobs and/or corn kernels, ready for packaging. We also help you with both primary and secondary packaging solutions, if needed.


Most frequent questions and answers

Our processing lines are designed to provide the best end-result possible, with a focus on high-quality, easy maintenance, and clean operation to optimize the final product quality.

Our engineers custom design your line to your product and output specifications.

Plus, you can only find modern, digital-capable lines and equipment, including the iNTELLIPRO® series of connected, digitally intelligent products, at PROEX FOOD.

Our processing lines easily adjust to your capacity and product conditions. Belt speeds, cutting lengths, and husking aggressiveness, and more, allowing for flexibility in production based on your specific needs.

Complete, turnkey lines typically include a central waste line for efficient waste management, ensuring that waste is managed effectively and does not interfere with the production process.

This is highly variable, and designed specific to your needs and budgets. The layouts, types and counts of individual machines, inclusion of sensors, integration of AI-powered vision systems, optical sorters, robotics, digital intelligence (iNTELLIPRO® CONNECT) and more are integrated as applicable for you.

The processing line is designed to be easy to maintain, with a focus on easy access and robust machinery that ensures long life of wear parts.

We can offer stainless, wash-down motors and more. It all depends on your specific requirements. 

All highly variable based on your capacity, input conditions, output needs and more. The processing line can include machinery for infeed, metering, xray (iNTELLIPRO® SCANNING), top and tail removal (iNTELLIPRO SAW), removing the leaves and silk/hair (iNTELLIPRO® HUSKER), green ear sorting (multiple options), kernel remover (cutter), dosing, optical sorters, tray packing robotics, waste conveyors, and much, much more. 

Each line is customized to be optimal for your specific needs. 

Always depends on your needs. We prefer to make equipment out of 304 stainless steel. Some customers require other materials or finishes.

For sweet corn, product touchpoints are typically stainless steel or a composite.